Published on May 15, 2014 by The Rev. Canon Ted McCollum

The Rev. Canon Ted McCollum is the incumbent of the parish of St. Paul’s in Beaverton, Ontario, which is actively involved in hospitality and outreach to Seasonal Agricultural Workers (SAWs) from Mexico living and working in the area. “The hospitality we showed was not so spectacular to them – it was spectacular to us,”says McCollum in this talk dedicated to the story of the full integration of two communities.

Discover how St. Paul’s became a place where migrant workers came to say, “This is where I belong.”

Canon McCollum’s talk is a heartening example of how thoughtful and simple generosity can bring health and vitality to a parish. Consider using this talk as a beautiful illustration of how to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom wherever you may be.

Download a transcript of this talk.

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