God’s promise. Our commitment. Giving with Grace.

A message from the General Secretary, Michael Thompson

Welcome to the fresh new face of Anglican generosity in support of God’s mission through the ministries of the Anglican Church of Canada, “Giving with Grace.” And thank you for all the ways in which you supported its predecessor, “Anglican Appeal.”

Why the change? For one thing, the way people think about giving has changed over the years. We believe that people are giving with a deeper sense of purpose and see the church as a way to serve that purpose with their money. You aren’t giving to the church so much as through the church. So it’s not that we’re appealing to you on behalf of something “Anglican.” Instead we’re inviting you to “give with grace.”

Grace, of course, is what God gives, freely and with no strings attached, to create and care for the world. A few years ago, our church gathered from coast to coast to coast to sing and celebrate that “Amazing Grace” as the basis for our life together. Giving with that grace means joining the gifts God has given to the passionate work God does to heal, redeem, and reconcile, to confront, transform, and challenge.

God desires a better world, and so do we. “Giving with Grace” aligns our hunger for a better world with God’s initiative. Giving with Grace means making the difference one person can make. One by one, added up, and joined to God’s grace, that’s all the difference in the world. God’s promise. Our commitment. Giving with Grace.