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Year Long Challenges

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Year long challenges are

  • creative challenges that can be completed easily
  • meant to be a simple vehicle to create community within Sunday schools, on a small community and large national scale.

Challenges may be featured on The Community with Marks of Mission Moments.

The year long challenge coincides with the school year. Promotion ideally begins in July, in plenty of time for a September launch date.

Your parish is invited to take part in the 2012 year long challenge for Sunday schools—

Trees of Our Churches

  • Find a tree near your church.
  • Take a photograph of the tree and send it to the national church website along with your church name and…
  • Something inspired by the tree:
    • leaf rubbing
    • bark rubbing
    • story about the tree
    • history of the tree
    • some scientific information about the tree
    • prayer for the tree
    • a Jesse Tree you have created
    • Options are endless!

The Church Mice say,

The trees by the church door
grow without hurry.
Soon they reach the roof!

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