The Anglican Church of Canada

November 10, Luke 20:27-38

Pentecost Mark of Mission: To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth

Gathering Circle

Go around the circle. Invite each person to share his or her name. Have everyone say, “Welcome (add name here),” to each person.

The Church Mouse writes,

Jesus tells the truth–
I can live with God forever.
I am God’s child.

Today’s gospel reading is particularly challenging. You may choose to focus on verses 36 and 38. Afterward, you could read the story of how Mary found the empty tomb or another passage about Jesus’ resurrection. Be prepared to talk about the concept of eternal life—the Good News!

The Church Mouse asks,

What does it mean to be alive? When have you felt really alive? Were you playing your favourite sport or watching something that you love? Maybe you were with friends that you loved or just with mom and dad.

Read the gospel. Introduce the reading, and finish the reading in the same way you would in your church sanctuary. After the reading, invite everyone to spend one quiet minute reflecting on what they have heard. After one minute of quiet, go around the circle. Invite each person to share one word they remember from the gospel.

Activity—The Sun Helps Me to See

During the activity, consider that here on planet Earth, the sun sustains life. But God has promised to give us life forever. God gave his only son so that we might live forever. What does that mean?

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